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Your first visit

what to expect on your first visit

Please download and fill out the appropriate forms before your first visit.
New Patient Forms
Pediatric Forms

Your first appointment includes a consultation, examination, and most likely treatment. You want to allow for at least one hour with the doctor. The consultation consists of discussing details of your health and nutritional history and specifics of the current problem. The examination consists of posture and gait analysis, neurological, orthopedic, and muscle testing, assessment of spinal movement and range of motion.

Depending on the exam findings, treatment may be initiated on the initial visit or the patient may be referred for further diagnostic tests or to another physician.

Our billing office will provide a verification of chiropractic benefits from your insurance carrier if applicable.

Dr. Steinys will develop your treatment plan specific to you and your condition from the initial examination. This plan will be reviewed on your subsequent visit.