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Functional & Sports Rehabilitation

A specific regimen of exercises and stretches are developed for each individual patient to help re-train injured or improperly functioning muscles and joints. The function of muscles, joint ligaments, and receptors is improved through various exercises and stretches. Following the prescribed regimen helps to speed healing, increase stability, and prevent future exacerbations of a problem.

  • The patient benefits from the increased muscle strength and flexibility and optimal function is gained.
  • Exercise programs and pre- and post-partum conditioning are also offered.
  • Dr. Steinys has received additional training on pediatric functional therapy including Vojta protocols.
  • Ergonomic evaluation and education may also be reviewed with a patient if applicable to their work setting and injury.
  • Athletic evaluation is offered to determine if peak performance is currently being reached.  If it is not, form corrections are made.
  • Kinesiotape is a latex-free elastic tape placed on the muscles to treat muscle disorders and swelling. The tape is different than regular athletic tape in that it re-educates the nerve-muscle system, promotes lymphatic flow and healing, decreases pain, enhances athletic performance and prevents injury.



  • Ultrasound:
    A therapeutic frequency (different than a diagnostic frequency) of sound waves is applied to the injured muscle, joint or ligament/tendon to increase circulation, decrease inflammation and swelling.
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation:
    (Also referred to as interferential current) A small electrical impulse is imparted into the injured muscles to decrease pain and speed healing. The stimulation feels like a micro massage in the muscle. Endorphins are released which are the body’s own “pain relievers”, decreasing the sensation of pain.
  • Light Therapy:
    FDA-approved “cold laser” therapy has been approved to treat tissue injury and pain. The wavelength frequency specifically stimulates the release of nitric oxide which works on the cellular level to speed up growth of healthy cells which in turn speeds healing. Circulation is stimulated, swelling is decreased, and collagen synthesis is increased. This therapy is effective in treating any type of tissue injury such as muscle sprain/strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc herniation, diabetic ulceration, and hepatic lesions.

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